Unable to login to IPA Books+ Portal when Ad-blocker is installed.

Legacy KB ID: 5608


I’m unable to login to IPA Books+ Portal from my browser. I can login using another browser or another PC using the same browser. Why cannot I use my preferred browser?


Occasionally different security add-ons that is installed on the browser tends to block access to the login. We have identified few occasions, where ad-blocker add-on installed on the chrome has restricted the access to IPA Books+ login. However, this can affect any other browser too.

Who does this apply to?

Please note this issue is only identified for some MAC users where the user has got ad-blocker installed on their browsers. It may affect any browser with adblocker installed.


1) Try removing the ad-blocker

2) Try use different browser.

3) Edit the ad-blocker to add reckon URL in the allowed lists. Please see the ad-block specific user guide to be able to do so.

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