Duplicate Pay Runs Automatically Created in IPA Books+

Legacy KB ID: 5755


I have created and processed a pay run, however, it has automatically duplicated itself so now the pay run is appearing multiple times in my pay run screen (see below). How can I fix this?


Right now there is no known cause as to why this issue occurs and it cannot be replicated by our development team. If you continuously get this problem and have noticed it only occurs when doing a particular sequence of steps, please let one of our technical support agents know so they can report it to our development team to investigate it further and fix the problem.


To fix this issue, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Day to day > Make payment > delete all payments pertaining to the pay runs in question

2. Go to Banking > Bank payments > delete bank payments pertaining to the pay runs in question

3. Go Payroll > Pay runs > delete all pay runs that were duplicate

4. Recreate the pay run

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