Zapier and Shopify

Selling stuff is fun. Getting paid is even more fun. Then comes the data entry to add your Shopify orders to your accounting software. That's less fun!

Zapier + IPA Books+ now makes that a whole process a lot easier by creating a sales receipt (receive money in) in IPA Books+ every time a new order is created and paid in Shopify.

Here are some tips to help you with your integration.

Selling mixed tax products

If all of your products have GST, it's pretty simple to set that up in Zapier. All you need to do is hard code GST in your customisation.

However, if you have mixed codes, for example, you sell some goods with GST and some without, you will need to split the tax component. Unfortunately at this time, you can not split lines from Shopify in IPA Books+ on a tax basis.

The solution is to hard code the tax as GST (VAT for UK) and then use the Zapier coding tool app to dissect the total tax from the total sale.

Shopify and other e-commerce applications do not split tax in a way that fits nicely into accounting products. You need to do some magic.

Calculating the correct tax

  1. In your IPA Books+ book, go to Settings > Tax Settings > General and ensure Edit tax amounts is ticked.
  1. In your Zapier Zap, add the Code by Zapier app to your workflow after Shopify.
  2. From the dropdown menu, choose Run Python.
  3. Complete the customisation as follows:
customer_total_spent = float(input['customer_total_spent'])

total_tax = float(input['total_tax'])

total_net = customer_total_spent - total_tax

output = {'total_net': round(total_net, 2)}
  1. Click TEST & REVIEW to ensure the code worked. If successful, you will see a value for net_total. Review this against the customers total spend and the total tax to ensure the calculation is correct.
You may chose to use another Shopify data field in these calculations such as total order. If in doubt please see your qualified advisor to ensure the correct gross, net and tax is being recorded in your accounting application.
  1. Customise the IPA Books+ receipt, and use the Code by Zapier calculation data for Net Amount.
The GST / VAT will not be the correct percentage of your gross if you have mixed taxes, therefore you will need to run applicable reports in IPA Books+ to determine your net sales and tax component. Please see your qualified advisor if you are unsure which reports to run. We would also recommend always reconciling accounting reports back to the source of truth, in this case, Shopify.

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