Payment summary is out by Pays, which was done via YTD setup.

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I have done Setup YTD Pays in IPA Books+ for the gross amounts, but my payment summary only reflects the YTD PAYG Tax. Gross Amount is shown in Payslips but does not add up in Payment summary. What is wrong?

I have migrated to IPA Books+ or started to Use IPA Books+ Payroll after doing some pays on the other system. I have entered those pays from another system, as YTD setup in IPA Books+. Why are those YTD setup not showing in Payment Summaries?



It is most likely you may have done YTD setup under ‘Pays’ tab only, in IPA Books+. However currently IPA Books+ is designed in such a way, that YTD setup for Pays does not flow across to the payment summary. It only reflects on the payslips. With exception to PAYG Tax, it reflects on both payslips and Payment summary.

We are investigating on this and looking for a way of improvement in future.


If you wish the YTD Pays to reflect both on Payslips and Payment summary, you will have to enter the YTD pays in both areas (Under Pays as well as Payment summaries.)

1) Go to Payroll settings and Enter YTD setup for Pays. This will show in Payslips for all pay items. The Gross amount, however, will not reflect under payment summary.

2) From the same place enter YTD Setup under ‘Payment summaries’ tab. This tab lets you enter the YTD adjustment that should reflect under payment summaries.

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