Latest Bankdata transactions not available in IPA Books+ Book.

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Why aren’t my latest bank transactions available in my IPA Books+ Book through BankData?  My subscription is valid and I have not consumed my monthly allowance.


Refresh your links in Bank connections, BankData retrieve last field, and where relevant, your Yodlee connection


The Issue

From time to time the connection between the BankData record and your IPA Books+ Book may encounter a blockage.  Forcing a refresh may clear the blockage.



1.    Confirm that:

a.     you still have transactions available on your monthly allowance:

                                          i.    Check in the top right of the New tab screen

b.    there are transactions on your bank statement for dates after your last successful update;

2.    On the Bank Connections screen:

a.    unlink your bank ledger account from the bankfeed;

b.    refresh the screen

c.    relink the bankfeed to your bank ledger account.

d.    Try your download again.

3.    If transactions are still not available:

a.    go to cogwheel > Settings > General > Book Settings;

b.    change the number in the BankData retrieve last field. 

c.    Try your download again.

4.    For Yodlee connections, refresh the Yodlee connections:

a.    Bank connections > Connect an account

b.    On the Yodlee connection line, click the link in the Status column

c.    Enter your bank online credentials;

d.    Wait a few minutes as Yodlee retrieves transactions since the last update

e.    When complete, go to the New tab of your bank ledger account to view your transactions. 


If you still cannot see your latest Bankdata transactions please report the error to


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