How do I enable Leave Loading/Holiday Loading to be included in Super calculations in IPA Books+?

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IPA Books+ does not automatically enable Leave Loading/Holiday Loading to be included in Super calculations.

Calculating Super on Holiday Loading is up to the user's discretion.

If you require Holiday Loading to attract Super, there are two different options to achieve this. Please find them below with screenshots.


Option 1

1. Scroll down to the Company Summary section within the employee's pay2. Click into the Super line to edit it3. Change the rate to the required super value

Option 2

1. Create a new Earnings pay item called 'Leave Loading'

2. Edit the Super item and enable the Leave Loading item that was created to be included for Super calculations

3. Edit the employees Leave section in their record and remove the Leave Loading value

4. Add the Leave Loading item to the pay run and enter in the Leave Loading value

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