“Error reading selected bank transactions” when clicking on Reconcile on the Banking Screen

Legacy KB ID: 5200


Why can’t I download my bank transactions into my IPA Books+ Bank Register?  I get the error:

Error reading selected bank transactions. Error is: Error reading bank transactions from the selected period.  Error is: RetrievalStatus returns InvalidOrUnauthorisedUser.


This error is generated when there are no transactions to download in the date range specified.  By default, IPA Books+ will look for transactions over the past 60 days.



Check dates of bank transactions and last entries to bank register

1.    Check your Bank Statement for the last date of a transaction

2.    Check your latest entries.

If transactions need to be downloaded:

1.    Administration > General Settings

2.    On the line: BankData retrieves transactions from, select a range or Custom

3.    If Custom selected, enter a number of days.  The first day should have transactions.

4.    Click Done to complete.

5.    Transactions > Banking, and click the Reconcile button for your bank.




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