Statements Settings


The below Settings will be visible based on the module you have enabled in IPA Books+.

Time settings is available for Manage Employee Expenses module (Lite and Medium) only.

Open IPA Books+ >   > Settings > Day to day(section) > Statements.

Customer Statements settings

Customer statements are based on

There are two types of Statements available:

  1. Balance Forward
    A Balance Forward statement shows all activity dated between From and To Dates you choose. The statement shows a Balance Forward amount from the previous period at the top and keeps a running balance in the Balance column.
  2. Open Items
    An Open Item statement shows all invoices that have an outstanding balance. The original amount of each invoice is shown along with the outstanding amount and partial payment.

Default template

Choose the default template that will be used when you create a Customer statement.

Learn more about Managing templates from here.

Payment details

Add the payment details that you want to show in the Customer statements.

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