Postponed VAT Accounting

Postponed VAT Accounting (PVA) VAT codes.

Now that the UK has left the EU you will need to account for import VAT on your VAT return.

To assist with this, we have added new VAT codes into this app. These are:

  • PVAS - Postponed standard rate VAT for imported goods
  • PVAR - Postponed reduced rate VAT for imported goods
  • PVAZ - Postponed zero rate VAT for imported goods

If you are using the Postponed VAT Accounting scheme, choose the most appropriate VAT code listed above for imported goods, and we will process the transaction accordingly.

We recommend you seek guidance from a suitably qualified professional to advise whether the Postponed VAT Accounting scheme is suitable for your business.
If you do import goods, ensure you have an EORI number. You can obtain one here:

Find more information on the IPA Books+ VAT functionality here.

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