Suggested Matches

Transactions that have been entered directly into IPA Books+ using Receive Money (Day to Day), Receive Payment (on an Invoice), Make Payment (Day to day and on a Bill) or Transfer money will show as a Suggested match. The transactions entered via these methods should already have an account and tax code assigned, so you only need to Accept.

The transactions will then move to the IPA Books+ transactions tab and show as cleared.



What is the purpose of suggested matches?

Suggested matches help avoid duplicate data entry. If a transaction has been manually entered in the book and the bank transaction page also has this transaction, the suggested match will allow you to match the manually entered transaction in your book against the bank transaction. 

How do suggested matches work?

The matching process compares the date and amount of the bank transaction against transactions already saved in the book. The transactions checked in the book are receipts, payments, transfers and journals. Suggested matches use a three day window when detecting matches.

  1. The first check searches for a match on the same date.
  2. If no match is found, the second check searches for a match using the day before the transaction date.
  3. If no match is found, the third and final check searches for a match using the day after the transaction date. If a match is detected the bank transaction will show a yellow 'Suggested match' alert. Accepting the match will remove the bank transaction and update the transaction in the book to have a 'Cleared' status if the existing status was 'Uncleared. If the transaction in the book has a 'Reconciled' status then it will remain as 'Reconciled'.


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