Creating a Portal account

Getting Started


Go to IPA Books+ Customer Portal. Here you will see the Sign In page to the IPA Books+ Portal. For new users, click on Register for free. 



There are 3 options to use to Sign Up:

  1. Sign in with Google i.e. Gmail
  2. Sign in with Microsoft i.e. Outlook, Office 365
  3. Filling in Contact Details and creating a New Password – IPA Books+ will email a “verification” link to the provided email to verify the account




Getting Started – Existing Users


IPA Books+ Username

For existing IPA Books+ users, you may enter your IPA Books+ Username (can also be an email) and Password. Enter your Username and Password, then click Sign In with IPA.


If you have a Gmail or Microsoft email address you still may be IPA Books+ User for login purposes. Only use the SSO (single sign-on) method if that's how you created your account originally.


Google and Microsoft

If you originally created an account with this method (single sign-on), use this method to log in to IPA Books+ including API integration authorisations.


Forgotten password

On the IPA Books+ Portal login screen, click Help, I forgot my sign in details to change your password. 



For Google or Office 365 accounts simply change your password with Google or Microsoft. 


Logging Out

To log out of IPA Books+ click on Administration drop down menu (cog icon) > Back to Portal > click on the Log out button from Customer Portal.


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