Deleting a IPA Books+ BankData subscription

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How do I delete my BankData subscription to my IPA Books+ Book?


Delete all accounts from the Bank Feed Management screen and then select the $0.00 option for the BankData Module.

1) Login to IPA Books+

2) Delete all the bank Connections following the KB

3) Once completed go back to the IPA Books+ Portal by logging out and log back in. Or Simply by clicking on Settings and Back to Portal.

4) On the Portal screen, you will see the book/s click on small COG wheel settings icon and edit.

5) Click on Modify.

6) You will notice all the active modules you are subscribed to, click on red X to delete the module for BankData or anyother module you do not need.

7) Press Next and follow the prompt to complete the process.

You have now successfully removed the BankData Module.

Please Note – you must be the user that requested the feeds for this bank account to be able to remove the accounts and change the BankData Module.


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