Downloaded bank transaction does not allocate to bank ledger accounts

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Why do some downloaded bank transactions (either from BankData, CSV or by QIF) not allocate to bank ledger accounts in IPA Books+?


Ensure an account is included in the Transaction Rule.


The Issue

You may experience this issue when using a Transaction Rule, and that Transaction Rule does not include an account for the transaction. 



  1. Day to Day > Banking> Transaction Rules;

  2. Double click on the Transaction rule to open it;

  3. In the And allocate the bank transaction to section, select an account complete the relevant fields on the line;

  4. Click on Save & close.


If you still have problems you may find your answer on the Reckon Community at:

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The Cash/Bank status for this entry differs from what is was previously set to. This is not allowed

Entering Gross Amounts (Tax inclusive) or Net Amounts (Tax exclusive) in your transactions.

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