How to add or change or purchase the new modules? Activate /Deactivate Modules

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How do I make changes to my book modules? I want to add or purchase new modules or I want to remove some modules? I want to change my modules from lite to medium or vice versa.


IPA Books+ allows you to easily take control of your modules.

To change or add/remove the modules please follow the instructions below:

1) Log into IPA Books+ Portal.

2) Navigate to the book, you wish to change the modules for, click on vertical ellipses icon and go to settings.

3) You will see the Settings window. Select the Pencil icon next to Customise your ReckonOne modules.

4) You will now see, ‘Edit your IPA Books+ Modules’, window. Your currently purchased modules are shown on the right panel, along with currently billed amount.

5) Add, remove or change the modules from here.

As you change the modules, the difference in price is visible on right panel.

6) Select next after making the required changes, edit or enter the payment details and ‘Update Subscription’.

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