STP Payrun Has No Figures Appearing

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When I view the Single Touch Payroll (STP) window, my pay run shows as 'Pending' the payment total and date show correctly. However, when I click on the pay run to view more details there are no employees listed and the record is completely blank. Why is this happening?


The reason this issue occurs is due to an employee(s) being terminated and then re-instated with a new hire date. When more than one Hire date exists within employee record this can cause a problem with STP submission appears blank.


Modify the employee details and leave only one hire date in the system. Save the record then when you go back to the single touch payroll screen, the issue should now be fixed.

Detailed steps

  1. Under payroll on your left click employees.
  2. Click on the employee name which has the multiple hire dates. (if you're not sure you need to check every employee record by clicking on their name).
  3. Go to the employment tab and remove the extra hire date. (you can either remove the original hire and termination date and leave only the new hire date or delete the new hire date and the original termination date)
  4. Save your changes and go back to Single Touch Payroll section and pay run details will appear.

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