Removing an account from your IPA Books+ BankData Record

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How do I remove a bank account or Yodlee connection from my BankData record in IPA Books+?


Remove the bank account or Yodlee connection from the Bank Feed Management screen accessed through the Bank Connections screen


1) Login to IPA Books+ Book with the credentials of the BankData record owner.

2) Select Banking in the Navigation bar and then Bank Connections

3) Click on the Connect an Account button and the bottom of your list of bank feeds (current and deleted)

4) On the Bank Feed Management screen, on your bank account line, click on the Trash Can.

5) Read the warning and click on Next

6) Enter your BankData password and click Next.

7) Close the Success message box and return to the Bank Feed Management screen

8) Repeat these steps for each bank account or Yodlee connection you wish to delete.

9) When all desired entries have been deleted, on the Bank Feed Management Screen press the F5 key on your keyboard to refresh the screen and see your accounts removed from the list.

Additional Information

If at any time you wish to reconnect these accounts you will need to make a fresh application.

Please Note – you must be the user that requested the feed for this bank account to be able to remove it.


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