General Settings


Book Settings

Open IPA Books+ >   > Settings > General (section) > Book settings


Complete the required fields and information for your book. A red asterisk * denotes a mandatory field. Click on Save to update settings, and follow the breadcrumbs at the top of the screen to return to the Settings overview.



Report Settings

Open IPA Books+ >   > Settings > General (section) > Report settings


Complete the required fields and information for the book. Click on Save to update settings and follow the breadcrumbs at the top of the screen to return to the Settings overview.



Email Settings

Open IPA Books+ >   > Settings > General (section) > Email settings


Complete the required fields and information for the book. Click on Save to return to the Settings overview.



Managing Roles

You can create unlimited roles in your book. A user can have more than one role applied to them. Roles are hierarchal, meaning that the role with the higher level permissions will override other lower level roles / permissions.

Open IPA Books+ >   > Settings > General (section) > Roles



Administrator: The administrator role is a global role to all areas and permissions in IPA Books+.

Limited: The Limited role is a global read only role in IPA Books+.

Superuser: The Superuser role is the same as the Administrator role in IPA Books+ except has limited permissions relating to users and roles.

Support: These users can be enabled to allow application support to be performed.



When a book is created you are automatically designated as an Administrator role. From the Roles overview, the Users column shows how many users are applied to each role.  To copy a role, select an existing role and then click on Duplicate to further customise it.


You can create new roles by clicking on Add.  Click on each relevant area for the role and select functions to give access or deselect to remove access. Once completed, click on Save & close.









Managing Users

From the IPA Books+ Administration drop down menu , click on Settings. In the General settings area, click on Users.


Alternatively, you can go back to the Reckon Portal, click Account > Staff


When a book is first created, you will be the only user and by default be assigned an Administrator role. You can add other people within the business to the Portal so they can access your books. You can choose which books they have access to via a bulk selection. Note: You wouldn’t use this to add third parties e.g. bookkeeper or accountant.


 Staff (formally users) are now added via the Portal Dashboard and can be also be added to multiple books. They must have created a profile on the Portal before they can be added to a book.

To add a new user click Add staff.



Complete the email address (or username if known) of the staff member, and select Role using the drop down > select Admin or User.


The Roles at this level are whether they are Admin or a User in the Portal. 


Click Next.


It will prompt you to the User Permissions screen with a list of Application Permissions for the user. This screen is used to assign a role for the user. To assign a role, click next on the Edit pencil symbol on the same line item for the selected book.



It will prompt you to the User Permissions screen, where you can select the assigned role for that user. Select the tick box next to the role you wish to assign to the user. Then Save.



Once saved the staff member will have access to the book in IPA Books+ so be sure the correct role and permissions has been granted.


Remove a User

To remove the user’s access to the book, go to the Customer Portal > Account > Staff



Click on on the same row as the user, then Remove



This will remove access to the book but they will still exist as an active staff member within IPA Books+ Portal.



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