Time settings


The below Settings will be visible based on the module you have enabled in IPA Books+.

Time settings is available for Track Time module (Lite and Medium) only.

Open IPA Books+ >   > Settings > Day to day(section) > Time.

Time settings

Approval process
This option is available on the Track Time Medium module only.

By enabling the Approval process, you will be able to manage the Time status from Draft to Approved.

First day of week

Choose which day is the first day of the week when you create a timesheet.

When transferring billable time

Choose how the billable time will be transferred when you create Invoice/Bill from a time entry.

The options are:


(Choose one of the below)

Mandatory Second option

(Choose one of the below)

Show as separate lines

  • Transfer notes
  • Transfer descriptions
  • Transfer both

Combine timesheets with the same item and rate

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