Open Banking UK

Applies to UK only

The introduction of Open Banking in the UK has changed the way BankData connects to UK banks.

About Open Banking

Open Banking is a secure way for you to share your financial information with providers such as Reckon. You authorise access to your bank and credit card transactions using your own bank’s security.

Open Banking ensures that your bank securely provides BankData with regular bank feeds. You authorise Reckon's access to these feeds using your standard bank security, meaning you do not provide Reckon with your login details at any point.

To provide you with the best possible BankData experience, we utilise the services of Yodlee.

About Yodlee

We have partnered with Yodlee, the leaders in data aggregation with 20 years experience, to provide secure access to the Open Banking gateways. Yodlee connects your bank to us, enabling bank statement information to be sent directly to Bankdata each day. You can also retrieve up to 365 days of historical bank statement information.

Both IPA Books+ Limited and Yodlee are FCA registered as Account Information Service Providers (AISPs).

IPA Books+ Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 922892) for the conduct of payment services business in the UK.

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