No ability to unlink a bank ledger account from a bank feed

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When I click on Unlink account from bank in my bank ledger account’s setup, a feed linked to my Bank ledger account is not present.  Why? 


The bank feed to this bank ledger account was linked by another user.  That user will need to unlink the feed.


Who does this guide apply to

IPA Books+ users with a Bankdata connection to their bank ledger account wanting to unlink this feed.


The Issue

Although the IPA Books+ Book pays for a BankData module to allow the automatic update of bank transactions, it is Users that request a bank or credit card account that is added to their BankData record.  Users make their bank feeds available to a Book on the Bank Connections screen. 

Users in a IPA Books+ Book will only see the requested bank and credit card accounts of their BankData record.  If the logged in user does not have a BankData record then the Bank Connections screen will be blank. 

Once a bank feed is linked to a bank ledger account then any user with banking permissions can download and allocate transactions from BankData. 

However, the owner of the BankData record retains the sole right to link and unlink a bank feed to a bank ledger account. 

When you click on the Unlink account from bank in my bank ledger account’s setup, and the Bank Connections screen is blank, or does not contain this feed, then the bank feed linked to this bank ledger account is owned by another user. 



Ask the owner of the BankData record to log into the Book and unlink the feed. 


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