How to edit/delete the paid invoices in IPA Books+?

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I need to edit or delete an invoice but the delete option is not available. How can I delete it? It has been fully/partially paid.


In IPA Books+, once the invoice has been paid, the delete button is disabled. It will protect the invoice from any accidental edit or deletion.

If you wish to edit or delete it, you will need to unlink the payment from the invoice and delete it.

1) Go to ‘Day to day’, Money In’, Invoices 

2) Select and open the invoice that you wish to edit.

3) Scroll to the bottom right of the invoice, you will see ‘Already Paid’ field and the ‘Amount’ with blue hyperlink in it.

4) Click on unlink to unlink the payment with this invoice. Click Unlink to confirm.

5) This Will change the ‘Paid’ Status of the invoice to ‘Unpaid’. The payment to the invoice has now been unlinked. You can now edit / delete the invoice.

Note: Please note this will only delete the invoice, the payment of the invoice was only unlinked not deleted. The payment transactions still remain under ‘Receive money’. You can apply this payment to other invoices or delete if you need.

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