How to unlock the bank account that has been locked after reconciliation.

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I have recently finished the reconciliation of the bank account and entered the lock off date as prompted. Now I would like to edit some of the past transactions or enter new one or delete some existing transaction. How do I unlock the bank account so it allows me to make changes?

I get the message, ‘This bank account has been locked off until ‘lock off date’. Transactions can’t be added, edited or deleted unless the lock off date is changed.’ How do I get rid of this message?


Who does this applies to: IPA Books+ user who has locked the bank account.

Explanation of the issue:

Usually, once the user finishes the reconciliation, IPA Books+ prompts the message, as shown above, giving the user an option to lock the bank account. This lock will prevent the user from making any accidental changes to the transactions that have already been reconciled. However, often users do require to make some changes or enter some new transactions prior to the lock off date.

You will have to unlock the bank accounts to be able to do so.

Detailed Steps

To unlock your bank accounts, follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Banking on your left-hand side Panel and bank accounts.
  2. Navigate to the bank account, you wish to unlock.
  3. Select the spanner icon (settings) next to bank account to edit it.
  4. Navigate to ‘important dates’ section. Remove the date from the ‘Transactions lock off date’ field.
  5. Save and close.

Your bank account is now unlocked. You can verify this as you can see the lock icon from the bank account is now removed. 

Additional information

Please note there is also an option to lock the entire book, not just one bank account. When selected this option, it restricts the user from making any changes or entering new transactions prior to the date, in any area of the entire book. You will get the message as below.

‘This book has been locked until ‘lock off date'. transactions can’t be added, edited or deleted unless the lock off date is changed.’

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