How to stop reducing SG from Salary Sacrifice (new law effective from 1 Jan 2020) in IPA Books+

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How do I stop employee's salary sacrifice payments automatically reducing my Super Guarantee payment amounts?


Effective from 1st January 2020, employers are no longer allowed to reduce Super Guarantee payments based on an employee's salary sacrifice payments.

To cease reducing Super Guarantee payment amounts via Salary Sacrifice, you will need to update the profile of each affected employee.

  1. Open the Employees menu in the side navigation bar

  2. Click the name of the employee you need to update
  3. Click the "Pay set up" tab

  4. Scroll down to the Superannuation Accounts section of the pay set up template. Ensure that these two checkboxes are unticked

  5. Save the employee. The employees Super Guarantee amounts will no longer be reduced by Salary Sacrifice payments.

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