STP Screen has Doubled Up Employees & Gross Amounts in IPA Books+

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In IPA Books+, I have processed one or several payruns and when I go to the Single Touch Payroll screen, my employees have doubled-up and so has their gross. For example, in the screenshot below it says in the number of employees in the pay run is 16 when it's actually only 8. This is the same problem for gross as well.


This issue is a cosmetic display issue. It only appears like this in the "Single Touch Payroll" screen. When you send the data to GovConnect, it will have the correct information there. It will also display correctly in the actual pay run(s) and also in all payroll reports.

The reason this issue occurs is when an employee has two (2) or more allowance items in the pay run, where the allowance items are set to "Tax Free" and have "Display on Payment Summary" enabled.

Our development team are aware of this issue and are investigating a fix.

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