IFA Books+ (UK) troubleshooting

Entering YTD Payroll balances in IPA Books+, when migrating from another software.

Legacy KB Id: 5598

Payable Type field in IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5473

Unable to login to IPA Books+ Portal when Ad-blocker is installed.

Legacy KB Id: 5608

Preparing IPA Books+ for Single Touch Payroll, (STP)

Legacy KB Id: 5663

How to enter a Director’s Loan into a IPA Books+ Book

Legacy KB Id: 5447

Duplicate Pay Runs Automatically Created in IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5755

How to Submit a Nil STP Submission to the ATO using IPA Books+

Question. I'm using IPA Books+ and I need to be able to send the ATO a "Nil" STP submission. How can I do this? Answer. Please follow the following steps: 1. Go to Payroll>Single Touch Payroll (EOFY)…

Access Denied or You do not have enough access rights ... attempting to view a Book on Mobile App

Legacy KB Id: 5521

Submitting an STP Update Event or Full File Replacement in IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5759

How to switch the ownership of a bank feed

Legacy KB Id: 5664

Why do I get an Error 522 when I attempt to add my bank account to my BankData record through Yodlee

Legacy KB Id: 5210

‘Pay run error: the number credit is outside the valid range’ when finishing the termination payrun.

Legacy KB Id: 5729

Payment summary is out by Pays, which was done via YTD setup.

Legacy KB Id: 5579

Can’t add a tax code to a transaction in the Payments and Receipts window of CashBook.

Legacy KB Id: 4224

Setting up and processing Payroll in IPA Books+.

Legacy KB Id: 5717

How do I enable Leave Loading to be included in Super calculations in IPA Books+?

Legacy KB Id: 5740

“Invalid Company Information error” in GovConnect STP when submitting pays from IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5680

Unable to pay super guarantee for amounts below $450.00

Legacy KB Id: 5482

“Error reading selected bank transactions” when clicking on Reconcile on the Banking Screen

Legacy KB Id: 5200

Text on IPA Books+ new design is not properly aligned

Legacy KB Id: 5282

Error – the value ‘/Date(14749879800000)/’ is not valid for StartDate

Legacy KB Id: 5437

Recording RCTI in IPA Books+ or (buyer created tax invoice)

Legacy KB Id: 5649

Processing Time In Lieu in IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5433

Connecting your Book to your BankData feeds

Legacy KB Id: 5340

"An error occurred while processing your request or the page you last visited does not exist anymore" when create/view a TPAR report

ISSUE: When trying to create or view a TPAR report, I received an error message: "An error occurred while processing your request or the page you last visited does not exist anymore". There are a few…

How to close a BankData Account in IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5185

Importing PayPal transactions and matching with my records from PayPal payment services.

Legacy KB Id: 5712

Credit for GST tax paid on BAS does not match GST on Purchases on GST Summery Report

Legacy KB Id: 5531

Employees are unable to enter timesheets and/or Expense claims on Mobile app.

Legacy KB Id: 5610

Downloaded Bankdata transactions disappear from a IPA Books+ Book

Legacy KB Id: 5617

Writing Off Bad-Debts in IPA Books+:

Legacy KB Id: 5728

How to link Bankdata feeds and allocate transactions in IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5440

Creating a new role for a user in IPA Books+.

Legacy KB Id: 5613

Postings don’t balance when entering a Journal.

Legacy KB Id: 5323

Error - Tax code cant be entered for non-taxable items

Legacy KB Id: 5374

Deleting a IPA Books+ BankData subscription

Legacy KB Id: 5366

How to Setup and Calculate Super in IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5758

HTTP ERROR 504 when loading an Account Enquiry Report, and unable to load book. Blank screen

Legacy KB Id: 5653

Super is not calculating

Legacy KB Id: 5556

Setting up a BankData account on IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5334 Setting up BankData in IPA Books+

Error: Line item does not have a number, when entering TimeSheet entries on an Invoice

Legacy KB Id: 5478

The Cash/Bank status for this entry differs from what is was previously set to. This is not allowed

Legacy KB Id: 5276

Downloaded bank transaction does not allocate to bank ledger accounts

Legacy KB Id: 5418

Entering Gross Amounts (Tax inclusive) or Net Amounts (Tax exclusive) in your transactions.

Legacy KB Id: 5721

How to add or change or purchase the new modules? Activate /Deactivate Modules

Legacy KB Id: 5536

Credit Card transactions no longer available in IPA Books+ after creating a new Yodlee feed

Legacy KB Id: 5620

Manually Importing PayPal fee transactions.

Legacy KB Id: 5714

How to lock or unlock the book.

Legacy KB Id: 5615

How to enable Estimates or Quotes feature in my Book?

Legacy KB Id: 5720

Recording SuperStream payments in IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5456

STP Payrun Has No Figures Appearing

Legacy KB Id: 5733

How to update YTD balances on the Payment summary in IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5489

Invoice shows Due Date one day before Invoice Date

Legacy KB Id: 5484

Editing and creating a new ABA file with an updated amount

Legacy KB Id: 5637

The opening balance changes in a reconciliation when a transaction from previous month, is reconcile

Legacy KB Id: 5651

Removing an account from your IPA Books+ BankData Record

Legacy KB Id: 5365

Transaction rule does not pick up the transaction

Legacy KB Id: 5537

Configuring and Understanding PayPal integration in IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5476

Creating customer statements

Legacy KB Id: 5702

Entering the FBT amount on the Payment Summary in IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5445

Understanding RESC in IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5553

BankData signup & configuration for IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5339

Do not have a decimal point on the IPA Books+ App

Legacy KB Id: 5172

CashBook Online screen wobbles

Legacy KB Id: 4792

Processing Employment termination payments (ETP) in IPA Books+:

Legacy KB Id: 5592

Refund customer overpayment

Legacy KB Id: 5561

Delete the bank transactions (QIF/CSV file) in bulk that was incorrectly imported.

Legacy KB Id: 5609

SSO (Google/Microsoft) accounts are unable to login from Mobile App.

Legacy KB Id: 5605

Processing SuperStream in IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5718

An error occurred submitting single touch payroll details to the API

Legacy KB Id: 5746

Credit Card Account has no provision for a Credit Limit

Legacy KB Id: 4235

Creating an ABA file for batch payments processing in bank, from IPA Books+.

Legacy KB Id: 5632

Manually Importing PayPal transactions

Legacy KB Id: 5713

How to update the billing information in IPA Books+? How to change the credit card details

Legacy KB Id: 5533

How to enable/process Taxable Payments Annual Reports (TPAR) in IPA Books+.

Legacy KB Id: 5716

No ability to unlink a bank ledger account from a bank feed

Legacy KB Id: 5642

How to purchase the expired trial book?

Legacy KB Id: 5541

How to edit/delete the paid invoices in IPA Books+?

Legacy KB Id: 5568

Supplier Overpayment

Legacy KB Id: 5557

How do I enter ACN in IPA Books+?

Legacy KB Id: 5641

Enter opening balances in IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5487

Processing GST payable and GST refunds to and from the ATO in IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5425

Latest Bankdata transactions not available in IPA Books+ Book.

Legacy KB Id: 5619

Cannot process a downloaded Bank Transaction - <> characters in the Description field.

Legacy KB Id: 5398

Create new user in IPA Books+, Delete the user, share the book with accountants

Legacy KB Id: 5559

Invoices print with part of top and left side cut off

Legacy KB Id: 5306

Forcing an immediate update of your Yodlee bankfeed

Legacy KB Id: 5635

Grey Screen When Trying to Print in IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5761

Receiving a cash refund for an overpayment of a bill.

Legacy KB Id: 5644

How to unlock the bank account that has been locked after reconciliation.

Legacy KB Id: 5614

Cannot change Terms and Credit limits on the IPA Books+ App

Legacy KB Id: 5197

IPA Books+ Invoice does not save.

Legacy KB Id: 5448

Last financial year to date report does not show transactions to today

Legacy KB Id: 5446

How to process the Termination in IPA Books+?

Legacy KB Id: 5591

How to stop reducing SG from Salary Sacrifice (new law effective from 1 Jan 2020) in IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5765

STP Screen has Doubled Up Employees & Gross Amounts in IPA Books+

Legacy KB Id: 5757

Looping issue when creating new Book.

Legacy KB Id: 5590

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